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DATE: December 20, 2013 6:15:03 AM PST
Friday, Dec. 20 Weather Conditions Update: University is open

Today is Friday, Dec. 20. The university is open but has issued a snow and ice alert due to the extent of snow and ice accumulation on surface areas used by pedestrians, including parking lots. The university recommends that you take appropriate precautions for your safety, including the use of appropriate footwear for conditions and selection of your walking route. Anyone wearing slip-on traction devices on their shoes should take them off immediately upon entering buildings. These devices are great on ice and snow but can be slippery on smooth, hard floors.

Students, faculty and staff who are unable to get to Western because of dangerous conditions may decide to remain home.  Each decision is a personal one and should be made according to individual judgment.

For information on Western’s weather policies, transportation information, decision-making process and more, visit our weather information page online.

voice: (360) 650-6500

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